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//Major// Think BIG for Your Career Part.2


#2019 Top 5 Major in the State

3. Engineeringthe traditional STEM program that offers wide varieties of job opportunities worldwide.

Based on the US Department of Labor data released in 2019, the number of Engineers in the USA would increase by 8.3% throughout the year of 2016 to 2026. Among the many Engineering disciplines, the most popular is DevOps Engineer. It ranks the top sixth best job in the USA in 2019. DevOps Engineer is a combination of information technology operation and software engineering. There are two universities that are being highly recommended for programs relate to this area, i.e. Auburn University of University of Kansas. Nowadays, thousands of people use Apple’s products such as iPhone / MacBook, the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook, graduated from Auburn University as well. He’s very proud of Auburn University. In many of his testimonials, he always referred he’s the alumni of Auburn.

Besides, Kansas City takes on the name of Silicon Prairie, it has become one of the fastest growing places for advanced technologies. University of Kansas, locates in Lawrence which is only 45 mins away from Kansas City, offers great Engineering programs to international students. The co-founder of Google Earth Brian McClendon is a KU alumnus, who maintains a close tie with the university.

4. Business – the common major for many students when choose to study abroad. However, what’s more than marketing, accounting of finance?

One of the fastest growing business professionals in the USA include business analytics and business management. Multi-national company needs to deal with hundreds and thousands of transactions per second and therefore the traditional way is no longer be used in business operations. Big companies always require their staff to more equip in advanced level of CRM systems and able to use more advanced tactics to solve business problems. At Adelphi University Manhattan Center, the Global MBA program offers a specialization in Entrepreneurship. Locating in one of the most important business centres in the world, New York City, this program offers opportunities for students to meet with managers from large corporations and attend network events that are organized by the Career Accelerator program.

The University of Utah also offers an Entrepreneur major for undergraduate students. Utah equips with a unique facility – Lassonde Studio, which allows students to host any potential projects together with students in different disciplines. Many students start their own business and brands, even before they graduate. This on campus innovative spirit had allowed John Willard Marriott, the founder of the Marriott Corporation, to be a successful entrepreneur after graduated from University of Utah.

5 . Health professions – take care of the ageing population around the world.

Based on CNN report in 2018, the US will need over 2 million new health care professionals including doctors, physicians and other medical related professionals by 2025. To become a successful health professional, choosing the right school that receives a lot of research funding allows students to understand more of latest medical related issues and solutions. AAU member universities, including a total of 62 institutions in the United States and in Canada, are on the leading edge of innovation, scholarship, and solutions that contribute to scientific progress, economic development, security and well-being. The AA members include the University of Kansas, Boston University, Columbia University, Harvard University, MIT, NYU and Stanford University, etc.

Alumnus of the University of Kansas discovered the most important vitamin for human life, including vitamin A, B and C, and 7 out of 19 cancer drugs were developed by KU too. Getting into professional programs like Pharmacy and Dietetics are always very competitive. However, the flexibility of the US education system allows students to have the first two years to consider carefully what they want to study in their junior and senior years.

It’s always a big step for students to consider about what professionals they will like to get into. Nowadays, students are more sophisticated and they do more researches. Therefore, it’s worth to ‘think big’ and become the next Tim Cook, Bill Gates or even somebody who invents a new technology to help others. American education system allows you to have great

internship opportunities and learn more about

yourself before make your decisions on your majors.


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