//COURSE// 劍橋大學 2019暑期課程

“Incredibly enjoyable not only because of the high quality of education but also for the diversity in people I met both at the college and in my classes.” - Thomas Haig, Australia


Join adults from all over the world to be taught by leading Cambridge academics. You can choose from a range of intriguing options, all of which are complemented by plenary lectures and evening talks.

Selecting programs

Our Interdisciplinary Program is the best choice for those who want to combine a variety of subjects. You can select two or three courses per term and can opt to do more than one term.

Our Specialist Programs are ideal for those with a specific subject interest:

Ancient and Classical Worlds, Art and Visual Culture, Business and Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, English Law and Legal Methods, History, Literature, Medieval Studies, Science, and Shakespeare and the Renaissance.

*Most programs run for two weeks, but one-week option are available for most. English Law and Legal Methods runs for three weeks.

  • Combining programs The calendar below shows you when programs run and how they can be combined to build your own personal study schedule to include one or more programs or terms.

  • Study for one week only Dotted lines in the calendar indicate which programs can be taken for just one week.


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