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//SCHOOL// Animation College 紐西蘭動畫學院

About Animation College

動畫學院成立於1989年,由曾擔任迪士尼動畫師的John Ewing所創立。動畫學院也是紐西蘭唯一提供2D和3D人物動畫文憑和學位學程的學院。



Diploma in Animation (Level 5) 動畫製作文憑 (5級)

Duration: 32 weeks (2D or 3D)

The Diploma in Animation (DA) is aimed at students looking to build foundation animation skills. There is a strong emphasis on story and narrative, character design, animation principles and drawing. Students can choose to study on a 2D or 3D pathway, but will enjoy shared classes around the topics such as life drawing and storytelling.

Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production (Level 5)

Duration: 40 weeks

Animation College’s Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production is your ticket in to the amazing world of film and animation. This trailblazing qualification is fun, practical, and packed with skills that you’ll use for the rest of your professional life. You’ll gain the ultimate foundation for a career in animation and film, your door to higher-level study or an entry-level job.

Diploma in Specialized Animation (Level 6)

Duration: 1 year (2D or 3D)

This is where the art of emotion comes in. We’ll teach you how to inject emotion into your characters to bring them to life, plus you’ll hone your world building, conceptualizing and narrative design skills. Animation College will up the ante on your studio projects, giving you loads

of exciting opportunities to utilize your knowledge in a practical way.

Diploma in Digital Media (Level 7) 數位媒體文憑 (7級)

Duration: 32 weeks

The year is fast-paced and relies heavily on students making their own schedules and managing their time wisely. Students will have the opportunity to work on their own film from start to finish with lessons and guidance to help them along the way in a simulated studio environment.


Bachelor of Animation (Level 7) (with optional Honours) 動畫製作學士學位 (7級)

Duration: 3 year

The Bachelor of Animation is New Zealand’s only degree level course specializing in 2D and 3D character animation, and it produces world-class animators who are at the very top of their field. If you want to reach your full potential as an animator, there’s no better pathway.

*Through Partnership with Yoobee School of Design, the Animation College Bachelor of Animation with Honours is delivered from Yoobee School of Design facilities in Wellington.


Certificate in Creative Media (Level 4) 創意媒體證書 (4級)

Duration: 20 weeks

If you’re passionate about all things digital but you’re still wanting to work out which creative course will lead to your dream career, our Level 4 Certificate in Creative Media is the course for you! Over the course of 20 weeks, you’ll try your hand at graphic design, film-making, animation, and interactive design.



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