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//Major// Think BIG for Your Career Part.1


# 2019 TOP 5 Major in the State

In recent visits, Taiwanese students always look for professional programs. Most of them hope to secure job opportunities in the USA when they graduate. Not only in the USA, there are some career prospects that students might not have thought about but they will bring brighter future for students.

1. Data Science – the big data and how to use them efficiently and effectively to create the dreams of many students in different aspects.

Based on LinkedIn Report 2019, there’re 56% increase of job opportunities for data scientists in the USA, with a median base salary of USD 108,000. Many people reckoned that data scientist is a sexier job. It offers a good mixture of professional knowledge including data analytics, programming language and business planning. There are different types of data analytics and data science programs that students can choose from. For instance, students who are more interested in data processing and more business focused, they can consider the Data Science program at American University. However, students who are more interested in programming, I’d suggest University. This program consists of a capstone project that students works with industry professionals to solve a real-world problem. With Silicon Valley closes by, San Francisco has lots of well-known companies, like Google, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, LinkedIn and Airbnb, offer great opportunities to students for internship placement and their future career prospects.

2. Computer Science – Cybersecurity and Game Design, more than just programming and software development

Cybersecurity related jobs are always on the highest paid league. For example, Security Professionals ranked #17 best jobs in the USA, with a median base salary of USD 102,000 according to Business Insider 2019. There is now a gap of almost 3 million cybersecurity jobs globally, and specifically in the States, there are nearly 314,000 jobs for cybersecurity in the year of 2017 – 2018, which has a substantial increase in the future as well. In fact, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area has the largest number of cybersecurity job vacancies (over 44,000); New York City (20,000 above) and Chicago (11,200 above). Interestingly, network security jobs available in New York are very diversified due to its unique financial and cultural background, covering banking, advertisement, technology companies. With more people using online shopping and internet banking, cybersecurity is getting more and more important in the modern world. Adelphi University locates in New York, offers graduate computer science program with concentration of Cybersecurity. It provides a cutting-edge career accelerator program that aims at sharpening international students’ competitive edge, provide them with support in putting professional resumes together and learn how to answer questions during job interviews.

Game Design industry in the US also enjoys a constant growth throughout the years in the USA. Video games development, either on mobile app, PC or online games, are all growing quickly along with the popularity of esports. The revenue of the esports in 2017 reached over USD 600 million, and it is expected to grow by 28% year on year. American University offers a Game and Computational Media concentration, that is also STEM designated to students who want to develop their careers in this field. The program provides professional knowledge of game programming, interface design, and computer media stream.

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