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Award-winning college preparatory academics. Pre-professional life skills. Global citizenship reimagined.

Founded in 2001, AHA's reputation as an elite school with an exclusive admissions policy and rigorous academics has become well known. Now, AHA International School is opening its doors to all students from around the world, mindful of society's need to educate a new generation of diverse global citizens.


AHA International School educates the whole student — mind, body and soul — by integrating liberal arts, natural sciences, math, social sciences, technology, physical education and sports. Class size averages no more than 12 students.

Residential Life  

The safety and security of our students are paramount. We provide 24/7 security, highly trained safety personnel, access to our campus is by invitation only, and we have our own Health Center and nursing staff. Boarding students reside in modern student houses, comfortably appointed and where no more than 25 students per house are nurtured by a team of full-time residential staff.


AHA International School features an 88,000 square foot athletic center and natatorium, plus a 22-acre lake. Students can participate in a variety of athletic teams and electives:

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Soccer

  • Track & Field

  • Cross Country

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Swimming

  • Boating

  • Sailing


AHA International School's 100-acre campus is located in Greensboro, N.C., the third largest city in the state. More than 35,000 students are enrolled in five colleges and universities located within a 10-mile radius of the campus, making Greensboro a center for education.


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