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1. 微軟公司

2. 思科系統有限公司

3. CompTIA


Certificate in Information Technology & Client Support (Level 5)

Duration: 16 weeks

This specialization covers the fundamentals of computer technology, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of PCs and related hardware, as well as basic networking, scripting and installing/configuring of operation systems. This program is your ticket to a bunch of exciting IT roles.

Certificate in SQL Server Administration & Support (Level 5)

Duration: 16 weeks

This specialization teaches you how to use Microsoft Structured Query Language (SQL) Server for relational database systems. In this program you’ll also learn backup/restore strategies and security control.


Diploma in Web & Application Development (Level 5)

Duration: 32 weeks

This specialization teaches you how to use SQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to develop interactive and responsive web sites. Using the C# programming language, learners will also develop mobile applications for the Windows Store, whilst integrating Microsoft’s cloud services to the applications developed.

Diploma in Networking (Level 6)

Duration: 32 weeks

In this specialization you’ll learn networks architecture, structure, functions, components and models, before progressing to routing and switching essentials for small networks, then on to scaling networks for more complex enrollments.

Diploma in Cloud Technology (Level 7)

Duration: 45 weeks

Gain commercially sought after knowledge and practical skills in cloud technology. Build and run a virtualization environment, active directory services, private clouds, and build up a working knowledge of network infrastructure and security.


Bachelor of Creative Software (Level 7)

Duration: 3 years

The Bachelor of Creative Software brings computer science, art and design, social science and business knowledge together in a transdisciplinary approach to produce future innovators. Our passionate tutors and industry mentors will upskill you in everything you need to know from concept development to app design, game art and User Experience design.



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