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Welcome to English in Chester

A first class learning experience for every student.

English in Chester, established in 1976, is a medium-sized, friendly, English language school. We are a team of professional and caring people dedicated to providing a first-class experience for every student.

The school has an excellent nationality mix and is known for the personal attention it provides both in and out of the classroom. There is a relaxed and friendly learning environment and a wonderful range of courses to suit different age groups and students with different needs.

The School

English in Chester was established in 1976. It was the first British Council accredited English language training centre in Chester.

English in Chester is a community. People make the school what it is today. The teachers and staff are very important parts of this community. We are fortunate to have some wonderful, clever and charismatic people working at English in Chester. Many have been working at the school for more than ten years. They all contribute towards creating the excellent quality standards that English in Chester is so proud of.

Our students are an equally important part of the community. We regard everyone as an individual and want them to feel that they are a vital part of the school from the moment they arrive in Chester.

This community also includes many people who work with us: homestays, residential accommodation providers, excursion providers and airport transfer providers. Their commitment to our students and to the quality of experience they offer is crucial to the satisfaction of our clients.

Of course, a school also needs buildings, equipment and facilities. We have our own historic buildings in the centre of Chester, which we have skilfully adapted to modern educational usage. We are constantly working to maintain and improve the quality of the study environment for our students. We also invest heavily in learning resources including classroom technology, to give our students the best possible English language learning experience.


Our Mission

To transform lives by enabling people to better communicate globally through:

  • teaching of the English language

  • promoting inter-cultural understanding

  • encouraging appreciation of the different ways we all live, think and learn

Our Goals and Values

To transform lives by enabling people to better communicate globally through:

  • Excellence: we aim to offer the highest standards in teaching, training, services and facilities

  • Integrity: we aim to be honest, fair and ethical in all our relationships

  • Innovation: we believe in constantly reviewing and developing our teaching, facilities, services and staff

  • Respect: we endeavour to treat everyone equally and with respect, understanding that everyone is unique with different needs and different goals

  • Collaboration: we recognise the importance of working and studying together, as a team


The Language School

  • 14 classrooms accommodating a maximum of 150 students

  • The Computer Room

  • Free internet and WiFi access

  • Self-Access Centre

  • Common Room

  • Coffee Room

  • Patio Garden

The Language Training Centre

  • 7 training rooms accommodating a maximum of 35 students

  • Computer Room with free internet and WiFi access

  • Lounge with coffee


  • General English Courses (age 16+) English for Travel, Study and your Career

  • The 25+ Course - English for Everyday Life and the Workplace

  • The 25+ Combination Course with Individual Tuition

  • Examination Preparation - Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced

  • IELTS Preparation

  • 50+ Courses - Language Holidays for the Over Fifties

  • Summer Courses for Teenagers aged 13-16


  • Homestay (shared and private bathrooms)

  • Self-catering residence - individual ensuite bedroom with shared kitchen/lounge area

  • Self-catering residence - Individual ensuite studio apartment

  • Hotel / Guest House


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