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Resource from Santa Rosa Junior College

SRJC (Santa Rosa Junior College) is Sonoma County’s community college. With a legacy of excellence in education that spans more than 100 years, the college offers associate degrees, transfer to four-year institutions, and career education, taught by high-quality faculty at campuses and centers throughout the county.


  • ŸWe focus on student learning by preparing students for transfer; by providing responsive career and technical education; and by improving students’ foundational skills.

  • ŸWe provide a comprehensive range of student development programs and services that support student success and enrich student lives.

  • We support the economic vitality, social equity and environmental stewardship of our region.

  • We promote personal and professional growth and cultivate joy at work and in lifelong learning.

  • We foster critical and reflective civic engagement and thoughtful participation in diverse local and global communities.

  • We regularly assess, self-reflect, adapt, and continuously improve.

What's special about SRJC?

  • Lower tuition, small class sizes, transferrable courses

  • TLC – “tender loving care” provided students: International Student Advisors, International Student Counselors, Orientation Day(s) and End of Term Celebration, Peer Mentor Program and International Student Club, Specialized Workshops Throughout the Year

  • Fewer international students – 148 out of 24,000 total

  • Named Great Colleges to Work for in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018...

Northern California

Sant a Rosa Junior College is just one hour north of San Francisco. There are more than 256 days of blue skies and sunshine per year in Sant a Rosa, wit h a July high around 82 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius) and January low around 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 Celsius). The college’s location is widely considered to be one of the best in the entire United States. With the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the East , and several lakes and rivers nearby, sailing, hiking, water skiing, snow skiing, surfing, rafting, kayaking and cycling are all easily accessible. San Francisco is easy to get to by public transportation where students can go shopping, ride a cable car, visit museums, experience Fisherman’s Wharf and so much more.

Transfer & Academic Success

With a reputation of academic excellence since its founding in 1918, Santa Rosa Junior College is regarded as one of the premier two-year colleges in the United States. Many international students from SRJC have successfully transferred to top ranked universities, including UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, San Francisco State University and Cornell University.


1. We value Learning that includes

  • Ÿ Excellent and innovative instruction and support services;

  • Ÿ A learning- and learner-centered environment;

  • Ÿ A welcoming physical environment;

  • Ÿ A caring and supportive attitude among faculty and staff;

  • Ÿ Access to programs and courses that lead to transfer and/or gainful employment.

2. We value Academic Excellence that includes

  • Ÿ Academic freedom balanced with academic responsibility, integrity and ethical behavior;

  • Ÿ Effective and transparent communication with information being shared in a timely fashion;

  • Ÿ Collaboration in continuous quality improvement of SRJC’s programs and services.

3. We value Sustainability that includes

  • Ÿ The teaching of sustainability principles and concepts;

  • Ÿ Research on sustainable development projects/ issues;

  • Ÿ Incorporating ecological values and practices in the District’s operations;

  • Ÿ Support and promotion of sustainability efforts in our community;

  • Ÿ Fiscal solvency and stability.

4. We value Diversity that supports

  • Ÿ Equal access for all students;

  • Ÿ Multi-ethnic global perspectives and cultural competencies;

  • Ÿ Employees who reflect the communities we serve;

  • Ÿ Honesty and integrity in an environment of collegiality and mutual respect.

5. We value Community that includes

  • Ÿ Community partnerships and advocacy for workforce and economic development;

  • Ÿ Cultural enrichment opportunities;

  • Ÿ Lifelong learning.

6. We value Beauty that includes

  • Ÿ Well maintained and aesthetically pleasing facilities and grounds;

  • Ÿ Holistic wellness;

  • Ÿ Joy in learning and work.

7. We value Compassion that includes

  • Ÿ Helping students develop a vision for their lives;

  • Ÿ Civic engagement opportunities that contribute to real world problem solving;

  • Ÿ Empathy to identify the challenges and address the needs of others;

  • Ÿ Collaborative leadership.

8. We value Innovation that includes

  • Ÿ Creativity, openness and risk taking;

  • Ÿ Multiple perspectives;

  • Response to demographic, global, and technological changes.

Student Services

  • Dedicated International Student Counselors

  • International Student Advisors

  • Housing Assistance

  • Engaging International Student Orientation

  • Scholarships

  • Cultural Coach Program

  • International Student Club

  • Employment Opportunities

Life Outside the Classroom

SRJC provides students many opportunities for cultural enrichment. We have more than 50 student clubs, on-campus cultural events, a college museum, an art gallery, and an active student government.

SRJC has one of the most successfully competitive athletic programs in the California Community College system. Our sports include, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, and more.

Each semester, SRJC students are involved in concerts, theatre and dance performances, art exhibitions, and film festivals.

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and the San Francisco Bay Area have extensive cultural, recreational and athletic opportunities for international students to explore.


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