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5 Best Things to Do in Sea Point

Resource from LAL Language Centres - Cape Town

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Cape Town is a great choice for your language adventure abroad. You’ll love the urban landscape as well as its stunning natural beauty. What’s more, the local LAL school is situated in the vibey area of Sea Point. Are you already inspired to go there and study? Learn more about what we can offer if you want to learn English in Cape Town.

Before you go, let’s check out the list of 5 best things to do in Sea Point:

1. Go for a Walk or a Run on the Sea Point Promenade

The Sea Point promenade is a place where people go to wind down after the day, listening to the sounds of the ocean. Some opt for a relaxing stroll, others prefer to go for a run to pump up their heart rate. The Sea Point promenade apart from beautiful views will surprise you with countless paragliders landing just next to where you walk, modern art installations and a free outside gym. The best part? It’s not even a 5 minute walk from LAL Cape Town.

2. Eat, Drink and Be Merry at Mojo Market

Visiting Mojo Market is not only one of the most amazing things to do in Sea Point but even one of the best things to do in Cape Town. It has an enchanting atmosphere, a wide variety of food choices and live music in the evenings. Even the fussiest eaters will find something for themselves at Mojo Market, the place where you can enjoy anything from Indian delicacies to oysters! Have a beer, a glass of wine or a healthy smoothie with your meal and enjoy the amazing vibe of this place until late at night.

3. Play Putt-Putt (= Mini Golf)

Don’t worry, if you’re not much of a golfer. Using the putt-putt course in Sea Point (or more specifically in Mouille Point) costs almost nothing but will give you loads of fun. Your friends from the school will love the opportunity to have some childlike entertainment and play mini golf after they’re done with their classes for the day. Just don’t forget to take a pair of shades and a cap with you, because the sun can be merciless to aspiring golfers.  Psst… If you like more adventurous sports, check out our list of best extreme sports activities in Cape Town

4. Bring Back Disco with Decodance

If you love having fun to the sound of 60s, 70s and 80s music, Decodance is the place for you! If you’re no stranger to dressing up, you’ll feel even more like at home there. There’s a reason why this spot is one of the Cape Town favorite ones for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Don’t forget there’s no cover charge for ladies if you manage to get there before 10 o’clock.

5. Sweeten Your Life at The Dairy Den

Do you love doughnuts and ice-cream? Who doesn’t! The creators of The Dairy Den know it well and will never disappoint you in delivering delicious treats for your palate. The place is open Monday to Sunday so literally any day a doughnut from Dairy Den can make your day better. Even if you’re feeling really down, a sugar overload served for free with their doughnut sandwich will certainly improve your mood!

We have many great courses at LAL Cape Town, but one of the biggest gems in or offer is the Travelling Classroom Experience. This is an amazing opportunity to explore the famous Garden Route while learning English during your lessons and leisure time

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