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5 Teaching and Learning Technology Tools That Make Life Easier


Source from The College Today

Technology is always learning – adapting to our needs and improving itself accordingly. And that, of course, means that we as users must keep learning, too. Fortunately, College of Charleston faculty and staff have the Teaching and Learning Team (TLT) to help us keep up.

Between the professional development opportunities, consultations, teaching resources, Resilient Teaching site, Online Education Readiness Courses and helpful blog posts, the TLT provides a one-stop shop for educators to stay informed and keep their technology skills sharp.

In other words, the College of Charleston TLT stays on top of all the technological advancements in teaching and learning so that we don’t have to. Here are five tools they’ve found to make our jobs (and lives) a little bit easier.


在專業發展機會、諮詢、教學資源、彈性教學網站、線上教育準備課程和有用的部落格文章之間,TLT 為教育工作者提供了一站式服務,讓他們隨時了解情況並保持他們的科技技能敏銳。

換句話說,查爾斯頓學院 TLT 處於教學和學習的所有科技進步的前沿,所以我們就能輕鬆點。以下是他們發現的五種工具,可以讓我們的工作(和生活)更輕鬆一些。

1. Edpuzzle

With the Edpuzzle app, engaging students with interactive video lessons – and tracking their comprehension – is simple. It allows you to choose any video (from YouTube, Khan Academy, etc.), trim and cut it and even add recorded and/or written notes and multiple-choice and/or short-answer questions. Students must be engaged throughout the entire experience before they can submit their answers. It’s free with CofC GSuite!

使用 Edpuzzle 應用程式,讓學生參與互動視訊課程——並追蹤他們的理解——很簡單。它允許您選擇任何影片(來自 YouTube、Khan Academy等)、修剪和剪切,甚至添加錄製和/或書面筆記以及多項選擇和/或簡答題。學生必須在整個體驗過程中參與進來,然後才能提交答案。使用CofC GSuite 即可免費使用!

2. Explain and Send Screenshots

Creating and annotating screenshots from any computer is easy with the free Explain and Send Screenshots Google Chrome Extension. Once you’ve added the Explain and Send Screenshots extension to your Google Chrome web browser, simply click on the extension’s icon to take a screenshot (image) or screencast (video) of any webpage; you can then annotate and copy/download/save the file as an image or video.

“Unlike most extensions, Explain and Send Screenshots does not ‘read and change all your data on the websites you visit’– making it a safer option,” says TLT Instructional Technologist Chris Meshanko in a TLT blog post. “As someone who uses a Mac, PC (Windows) and Chromebook, I’ve been searching for a free (or inexpensive) solution that works on all platforms. And, Explain and Send Screenshots is it!”

使用免費的解釋和傳送螢幕截圖 Google Chrome 擴展程序可以輕鬆地從任何電腦建立和註釋螢幕截圖。將解釋和發送螢幕截圖擴展程序添加到 Google Chrome 網絡瀏覽器後,只需點擊擴展程序的圖標即可截取任何網頁的螢幕截圖(圖像)或螢幕錄影(影片);然後,您可以註釋和複製/下載/將文件保存為圖像或視頻。

“與大多數擴展程序不同,解釋和發送螢幕截圖不會‘讀取和更改您訪問的網站上的所有數據’——使其成為更安全的選擇,”TLT 教學技術專家Chris Meshanko在 TLT 博客文章中說。“作為使用 Mac、PC (Windows) 和 Chromebook 的人,我一直在尋找適用於所有平台的免費(或便宜)解決方案,就是它!Explain and Send Screenshots!”

3. Content Navigator

Adding the Content Navigator widget to your OAKS course homepage makes it easier than ever to keep your students on track. The tool allows students to see how much content they have viewed and how much they have left to view – and they can access the content they still have left directly from the course homepage.

將 Content Navigator 小部件添加到您的 OAKS 課程主頁,讓您的學生比以往任何時候都更容易追蹤學習。該工具允許學生查看他們查看了多少內容以及他們還剩下多少內容 - 他們可以直接從課程主頁查看他們還剩下的內容。

4. Respondus LockDown Browser

It’s easy to spot and deter cheating with the Rospondus LockDown Browser (RLDB). Not only does RLDB lock down the testing environment within OAKS so that students can’t search for answers online, but it allows instructors to go back and watch the students taking the test.

“With any quiz, test or exam, there is a chance a student will cheat, even in a face-to-face class. But the temptation is often greater in an online class because there is no one watching,” says TLT Instructional Technologist Mendi Begnini in her blog post about RLDB. “With Respondus LockDown Browser you can watch them, so the experience is more like taking a test in class. I want to be clear, nothing will deter a determined student from cheating, it will only make it more difficult.”

使用 Rospondus LockDown Browser (RLDB) 很容易發現和阻止作弊。RLDB 不僅鎖定了 OAKS 內​​的考試環境,使學生無法上網搜索答案,而且還允許教師返回並觀看學生考試。

“在任何小考、測試或考試中,學生都有可能作弊,即使是在面對面的課堂上。但是線上課程的誘惑力通常更大,因為沒有人在看,”TLT 教學技術專家Mendi Begnini在她關於 RLDB 的部落格文章中說。“使用 Respondus LockDown Browser,您可以監看學生,因此體驗更像是在課堂上進行考試。我想說清楚,沒有什麼能阻止想作弊的學生作弊,只會讓它變得更加困難。”

5. Quick Eval

Grading is now a little bit easier thanks to Quick Eval in OAKS. Quick Eval allows you to see all assessable items (e.g., Assignment/Dropbox, Quizzes, Discussions) in all your classes on one screen. Faculty can now go to one screen and see the status on all assessments (Activities View) or switch to Submissions View to see all the ungraded submissions. Faculty can then click on the student’s name to go straight to their submission.

由於 OAKS 中的 Quick Eval,評分現在變得更容易了。Quick Eval允許您在一個螢幕上查看所有課程中的所有可評估項目(例如,作業/Dropbox、測驗、討論)。教師現在可以轉到一個螢幕並查看所有評估的狀態(活動視角)或切換到提交視角以查看所有未評分的提交。然後教師可以點擊學生的名字看到他們提交的東西。


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