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Beloit College 伯洛伊特學院 - Pathway to Excellence卓越之路

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一個新的線上學分課程,將英語水平與學術和社會知識相結合,是對於在美國大學取得最大成功的關鍵之ㄧ。課程由排名靠前的伯洛伊特學院(Beloit College)提供,該學院成立於1846年,與1981年成立的威斯康新ESL學院(WESLI)合作。

What is Pathways to Excellence?

A dynamic new online program for credit that combines English proficiency with academic and social knowledge crucial for maximum success in US-universities. Courses are delivered by highly-ranked Beloit College, established in 1846, in partnership with the accredited Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI), established in 1981.

卓越之路課程將伯洛伊特學院的頂尖學術與傳統ESL途徑的英語學習結合,並且他們提供大學學分!成功進入美國大學要求強大的閱讀,寫作及口語技能,以及需要對您的先進知識來適應在美國生活學習、不同教學風格和社會期望。通過卓越之路(Pathway to Excellence),可以同時獲得兩者!該計劃將藉由提高您的英語技能,獲得寶貴的大學經驗和學分,以及為您做好在美國大學環境中成功和信心的準備,這使您在美國大學申請中脫穎而出。您將獲得可轉移的學分以及知識和技能的寶貴優勢。

Pathways to Excellence combines the top-notch academics of Beloit College with the English language learning of a traditional ESL pathway, AND they offer university credit!

Success in a U.S. university requires strong reading, writing, and speaking skills. Adjusting to living and studying in the U.S. requires advanced knowledge about a different teaching style, expectations of you, and U.S. society. With Pathway to Excellence, you get both!

This program will set you apart in your U.S. university applications by sharpening your English skills, gaining valuable university experience and credit, and preparing you for success and confidence in the U.S. university setting. You receive transferable credits and an invaluable edge in your knowledge and skills.

學生參加由伯洛伊特學院教授教授的線上課程,主題包括“美國的大學、政治和社會”和“英語學術寫作導論”。課程為期七週,全年遠程線上提供。學生可以在自己的有空時間觀看視頻教學,每週通過 Zoom 和他們的教授見面,與一位 ESL 講師配對,為他們的提供量身定制來幫助英文發展。

Students enroll in online courses taught by Beloit College professors on topics such as "University, Politics and Society in the United States" and "Introduction to Academic Writing in English." Courses are seven weeks long and are offered remotely online year-round. Students follow video instruction on their own time, meet weekly over Zoom with their professor, and they are paired with an ESL instructor who provides tailored support for their English development.

資格 Eligibility


”Requirements for “College Readiness and English Proficiency Courses”

  • Senior standing in high school 高中生

  • Transcripts showing C Average GPA or better 成績單GPA顯示C平均或更高

  • TOEFL iBT of 70 托福 iBT 為 70

    • Other English language proficiency test results will be accepted, including IELTS, Duolingo, and Vericant, with scores comparable to TOEFL iBT score of 70. 其他英語語言能力考試成績將被接受,包括雅思,(Duolingo)和(Vericant)的分數與托福iBT分數,為70分。

    • Note: Students with lower TOEFL scores will be conditionally admitted to the program, but will be required to take additional language courses 注意:托福成績較低的學生備有條件錄取資格,但需要參加額外的語言課程。

  • Letter of Recommendation from a Teacher/Professor 老師/教授的推薦信


Requirements for “Introductory Courses in the Liberal Arts and Sciences”

  • Senior standing in high school 高中生

  • Transcripts showing B Average GPA or better 成績單GPA顯示B平均或更高

  • TOEFL iBT of 75 OR successful completion of Introduction to College in the US 托福 iBT 成績為 75 或完成美國大學入門課程

  • Letter of Recommendation from a Teacher/Professor 老師/教授的推薦信



Pre-Application Form 預先申請表:


掃描APPLY QR Code填寫申請表!




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