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//COURSE// TSE - Spanish Classes and Experience

TSE - True Spanish Experience

秉持著 “真正的西語體驗”。

不僅是西語課程,Cuenca校區 和 A Coruña校區因其環境特色,提供了完美的機會讓學生能透過沉浸式教學方法學習。




The intensive Spanish program + Experiences TSE will offer a special opportunity to immerse culturally and linguistically, and most of all deliver an incredible personal experience that students will never forget.

The Program is divided in three parts:

Spanish Classes 西語課程

Through small class sizes and personalized care, students will enjoy learning Spanish in and out of the classroom, assimilating language and grammar skills as well as learning through vocabulary games, interactive activities with engaging content with topics that are current and interesting.

TSE Experiences 文化體驗

Through different workshops, students will put into practice their communication skills, interacting in Spanish with their peers and with the monitors. Their Spanish education will continue through content that appeals to them.

Maximum integration in Spanish life 融入西班牙式生活

Through their stay with a Spanish host family or student housing, international students will put into practice their language knowledge. Through activities, interacting with Spaniards in sporting, artistic and other activities as well as spending quality time with their Spanish family or Spanish students, will make their stay a complete immersion experience in the Spanish language and culture.

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