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Home learning: Ten Reasons to Study Online

Home learning is changing the way that the world learns

With over six and a half million students around the world currently enrolled in online courses, a significant portion of the population has begun to realize the benefits that online study can bring.

69% of academic leaders believe that student demand for online learning is still growing due to a number of benefits: convenience, remote access to the best faculty and competitive pricing are all among them – but what about the numerous others?

In this article, we will take a look at some of the often overlooked but nevertheless fantastic reasons to study online.

Study From Anywhere

Before even considering program fees, many students find that high accommodation costs and complicated living expenses inhibit their desire of pursuing further study.

Not only is online study a cheaper alternative, but it also further remedies this issue by empowering students with choice, and giving them the option to study from anywhere in the world. Whether they choose to study from their hometown while working, or from another location, students have more options than ever thanks to online study.

Study Any Time

In addition to being able to choose where to study, students can now also choose when to study.

By 2020, over 60% of jobs will require post-secondary education

This means that workers need to be able to study while they work, and online study provides the perfect solution to the problem of conflicting schedules.

That’s not to say that online education is only for professionals looking to study while working; many people have personal commitments which might make the requirements of traditional on-campus study impossible to meet.

Develop Online Study Skills

The statistic that we mentioned earlier – about 60% of jobs requiring post-secondary education – means that in the future more and more students will turn to online study using various platforms. Students that choose to study online earlier are more familiar with online tools because they have developed the necessary skills sooner.

Strong organizational, independent learning and time management skills will put those students who are familiar with online study ahead of their competition in the future.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

On-campus study generally requires a larger commitment of time from students. While some students can benefit from this scenario, if they have the time available, students are now given the option to study while they work.

This means that students can begin their higher education at 18 and still graduate with three years of quality work experience, placing them in a very attractive position for prospective employers.

Access Academics Around the World

While there are pros and cons to both traditional on-campus and online study, the latter can give students unparalleled access to academic staff from around the world, week in and week out.

The possibilities are incredibly exciting: case studies concerning particular companies or countries can now be conducted via video link by members of those groups. Not only does this vitalize learning, but also gives students great networking opportunities.

Develop a Global Network

We are living in the digital age where it is common for people to make friends online, and professional networks are no different. Students who choose to study online will become part of an international team of academics who collaborate and assist one another with their learning through group projects and seminar sessions.

Use the Best Platforms

Barack Obama and his government realized the incredible potential of online study back in 2009, when the US Government pledged $500 million to online courses and research. Huge investments in online study and online platforms mean that students today can be safe in the knowledge that they are studying using platforms and programs which have been impeccably researched and well invested in.

Apply Skills Directly

Students who opt to study online in tandem with a professional career can compound the lessons that they learn studying in their own professional environments.

Sometimes learning can feel abstract, but having a career alongside online study ground the lessons that students learn in the real-world, and helps them to start reaping the benefits of their studies immediately.

Enjoy variety

The proliferation of online study is bringing with it a broader choice of specializations and programs (with business being the most demanded). Students are no longer restricted by certain programs being offered in certain locations, but can now enjoy studying the specializations and programs that they would like from anywhere in the world.

Be a Part of Something New

Beyond the myriad academic benefits that students can enjoy after having chosen to study online, students also have a number of auxiliary benefits which can propel them to success: online study demonstrates to an employer that a prospective candidate has the confidence to take the initiative and study the way that they like, and has the tenacity to make new technologies work for them the way that they want.

We hope that you have enjoyed these reasons to study online, and that they have given you an additional insight into the benefits of choosing this exciting new way to study. Has anything here triggered your interest? Find out more about EU’s online courses here.

-Resource from EU Business School


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