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How can I learn to speak English?


Learning English as an adult can seem a daunting task. Whether you already have some knowledge of English, or even if you are a complete beginner, it is important to know however, that it is possible!

The key to improving your level of English is to find a good English school and/or a good English teacher. In order to have a complete understanding of the language, all four skills should be focused on – reading, writing, listening and of course speaking. Combining all of these skills will help you to feel more comfortable and more capable of operating in the English-speaking world, in both work and social environments. Grammar is crucial to understanding how to speak and use English as effectively as possible. Having a good understanding of the grammar will help you to become an independent user of the language. Absorb yourself as much as possible in the language.

Read English books and newspapers

If you are a beginner, children’s books can be very useful.

Watch English-speaking films and television

With subtitles either in English or in your own language, depending on your level of English.

Practise speaking as much as possible

Even if you only know a few words to begin with, speaking aloud will help you to overcome your fear of communicating in English. You will soon realise that even with just a small amount of English, you can make yourself understood to English speakers!

Keep a vocabulary notebook

Try to learn a certain amount of new words every day. You will be surprised at how quickly your vocabulary knowledge increases!

Listen to the radio in English

This will help improve your listening skills in such areas as using the telephone in English, where you cannot see the person who is speaking to you.

Don’t give up either – sometimes the journey can seem difficult or frustrating if you feel you are not improving quickly enough.

But overall, learning English is fun, interesting and rewarding. Persevere, and the benefits of speaking English will stay with you for a lifetime!


Quick Fact about The Essential English Center

1. An independently-owned English school

2. Located in Manchester city

3. Provide General English, IELTS exam, Cambridge exam (FCE + CAE) preparation classes, Business English and Academic Year Programme courses

It’s never too late to learn English!


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