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Deciding to enroll in a good English language school means you’re already familiar with all the benefits of attending classes at a language school.

What should I consider when choosing a language school?

If you’re just starting to learn a language, choosing a good language school is paramount. It will either make you love every lesson or hate the fact you’re even trying to learn a language. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a language school.

  • Language only -Try to find a school that abides by a strict “language only” policy. This means that it is strictly prohibited to use any language other than English when attending classes. While it may make things more difficult at first, trust us - it pays off later on. 

  • Class size - Unfortunately, the smaller the classes, the better the learning experience. While it does sound fun to have many classmates, in reality, it makes things rather difficult. It’s hard to learn well in a class of thirty participants, as that means less attention dedicated to each individual student. 

  • Location - What good is an excellent language school if you have to commute for an hour or more to reach it? Yes, it’s probably worth the extra effort, but a little convenience goes a long way.

  • Price - Finally, we have to talk shop. Price is important, although it’s considered uncouth to discuss it as knowledge is invaluable. As true as this may be, breaking the bank is not a wise decision as language learning is a process and you can’t push the penny forever. 

  • Atmosphere - Well, now it sounds like we’re pushing it, isn’t it? Although the overall atmosphere seems like a silly thing to mention for choosing a language school, it actually isn’t. You need to be excited about going to a language school on a regular basis, so if you don’t like the atmosphere of the school, keep looking.

What makes a good language school?

There are certain qualities that every good language school should possess, and we’re here to tell you what those qualities are:

  • Accreditation - Accreditation is extremely important as it serves as a sort-of resume for the school you’re considering. Always look for a school that possesses valid accreditation because this means it meets the required education standards.

  • Curriculum - Curriculum determines what you’ll be learning and how you’ll be learning it. A good language school has a mostly-standardized curriculum, which still allows for the much-needed freestyle of an experienced teacher. Plus, you have to like the curriculum in order to love the school.

  • Staff - There’s no good school without good teaching staff. You want your teachers to be educated and experienced since they’re the ones that are going to help you learn a language.

  • Support - There are schools that provide classes only. You come in, partake in a lesson, and go home. However, there are schools that organize various activities, events, and workshops. That’s the kind of school you should look for!

  • Technology - Finally, you should attend a school that implements advanced technology. Using technology helps the learning process and shows that the school is willing to go with the times, modernize, and invest in new teaching methods. 


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