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"How far I'll go" Believe in Yourselves - Auli'i Cravalho

# Nominated for Best Original Song at the 89th Academy Awards

# Nominated for Best Original Song at the 74th Golden Globe Awards

# Win the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

歌曲介紹 Background and Cause

電影ーMoana介紹 Intro of Moana


This bouncy ballad was written for the Disney animated movie Moana by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The film is set in Polynesia and this tune is sung by its titular character, a young princess. It concerns her planned journey from the South Pacific island to save her people.

The film tells the story of Moana, the strong-willed daughter of a chief of a Polynesian village, who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with the goddess Te Fiti. When a blight strikes her island, Moana sets sail in search of Maui, a legendary demigod, in the hope of returning the relic to Te Fiti and saving her people.


♥ 歌曲賞析 Composition

"How Far I'll Go" was composed as Moana's"I Want" song, following in the long tradition of "I Want" songs in 1990s Disney animated musicals. It replaced an earlier attempt called "More", for which the demo version recorded by Marcy Harriell was released as an outtake on the deluxe version of the soundtrack album. Although Miranda has stressed that he is still "very proud of" the song as a first draft, "More" was not good enough in retrospect because it merely expressed Moana's vague desire to see more since she had already figured out everything about the island. In contrast, "How Far I'll Go" expresses a deeper, richer message: Moana's struggle with the irresistible impulse to explore beyond the reef notwithstanding her genuine love for her island, her family, and her people.

♥ 中英歌詞對照 Lyrics ♥

I've been standing at the edge of the water, 'long as I can remember


Never really knowing why


I wish I could be the perfect daughter


But I come back to the water, no matter how hard I try


Every turn I take, every trail I track

Every path I make, every road leads back


To the place I know, where I can not go


Where I long to be


See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me


And no one knows, how far it goes


If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me


One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go


Oh oh oh, oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh

I know, everybody on this island seems so happy on this island


Everything is by design


I know, everybody on this island has a role on this island


So maybe I can roll with mine


I can lead with pride, I can make us strong

I'll be satisfied if I play along


But the voice inside sings a different song

但內心深處 有一個聲音唱著不同的調

What is wrong with me?


See the light as it shines on the sea it's blinding


But no one knows, how deep it goes


And it seems like it's calling out to me, so come find me


And let me know, what's beyond that line, will I cross that line?


See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me

And no one knows, how far it goes


If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

One day I'll know, how far I'll go


" You have to believe in yourself, because that’s the secret of success. "

—Charles Chaplin


"Stay at Home! Sing a Song!"


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