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How To Make The Most of Your 14 Day Quarantine

Resource from Liverpool School of English

Are you getting ready to come to Liverpool to start a course with us? If you have to quarantine when you arrive, here are some brilliant ideas to make the most of your time.

Join our Online Classes

Start your learning journey as soon as you arrive in Liverpool by joining our online classes. The lessons are a combination of teacher led sessions focusing on different areas of the English language including grammar and vocabulary and student group work sessions where you will work with your fellow classmates on a range of different activities.

It’s a great way to get to know the school and some of our teachers as well as kickstarting your English learning.

Use our Online Learning Platform

Every student who studies with us is provided with access to our Online Learning Platform. If you have to quarantine you can start using this when you arrive in Liverpool. The platform has lots of exercises and activities to provide extra practice in the areas you want to focus on. It’s a great way to start focusing on your English language development from the start.

Plan Your Liverpool Adventure

There are so many exciting things to see and do in Liverpool! We have more museums than any other city in the UK outside of London and many of them are free! You have to see our football stadiums and don’t forget to visit the world-famous Albert Docks. You might not be able to go out and explore quite yet but this is a good time to do some research and plan your stay.

Listen to a Podcast

This is a great way to practice your listening skills as well as learning about something new. There are hundreds and hundreds of different podcasts that you can listen to.

Keep Fit

You might not be able to go to the gym or go for a walk right now but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep exercising during your quarantine period. Stay healthy and focused by doing some daily exercise in your accommodation.

Watch A New TV Series

After all that exercise treat yourself to a takeaway and some telly! There are so many brilliant TV shows to watch online at the moment. [More detail please check our previous article: Top 10 TV Series to learn English with.]



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