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//Major// 2019 The Booming Career: Data Science Part 2.


Diverse x Inspiring x Empowering

At University of the Pacific, we offer a Master of Science in Data Science specifically to prepare leaders in many industries with the technical and managerial skills to succeed in the workforce. Pacific is the oldest chartered University in California with a long history of connecting educated alumni to leading industries. Pacific’s strong reputation and connections with the technology industry of northern California mean students have unparalleled access to internships and job opportunities.

Master of Science in Data Science is completed in 4 semesters including courses in Frequentist Statistics; Machine Learning, Hot Topics, Data Visualization, and Capstone. Hot Topics and Case Studies courses bring Real world case issues, industry guest speakers to the classroom so you learn the underlying techniques of how to design and develop these highly sought-after solutions, so that you can apply them real-world business challenges in any industry. Students complete a capstone project which will allows students to apply what they have learned and gain hands on experience. Capstone is similar to a master’s thesis, but it is a real project needing a solution from a real Northern California company. Students are consulting for a company and solving a real-world project.

Pacific’s MS Data Science is designed for data scientists. Rather than a random collection of existing math and data science courses, when students do statistics they do statistics for data scientists. The program is designed for students to be able to do CPT during year 2. Every lecture is recorded that means a student can re-watch a lecture as much as they want, or if they can’t get to class, they can join from a remote location.

A recent graduate was named to Forbes Top 30 under 30 list. Alex Katona invented a new graphics chart called a Poly Area Chart which led to his inclusion and he specifically cites the program for his success.

"All of this happened within six months of graduating using a fraction of what I learned in the program. The skills I gained in this program enabled me compete at that level."

Said Katona.

With the high demand for the degree and it’s excellent location in the world’s technology hub, it is no wonder why that students are eager to earn a MS Data Science at University of Pacific.


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