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//MAJOR// 營建管理課程 Edmonds Community College


作為華盛頓州唯一一所授予2年制營建管理課程,Edmonds Community College (EDCC) 為這個高需求並高薪的行業培養學生。

As the only accredited two-year construction management program in Washington state, Edmonds Community College is uniquely positioned to train students for high-demand, high-wage jobs in this growing industry.

此營建管理課程的學生對象可以是完全沒有營建經驗或是有建築經驗亦或者有營建管理經驗。EDCC將教導學生如何在此行業中做為一名專業人員,並能在行業中擔任多種職位: 主管、專案管理員、監工或是其他職位。

Our Construction Management (CM) program can open many doors for both those who have no construction experience and to folks with either construction experience or CM experience,” said Dave Jacobson, Construction Management Department Head. “We help people learn how to be construction professionals who can work across the industry in various positions from superintendent to project manager to building inspector and many others

EDCC的營建管理副學士學位是由American Council for Construction Education所認證。為全美僅有的13門被認證的2年制課程之一。

Edmonds CC’s Associate of Technical Arts degree in Construction Management is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education. It is one of only 13 accredited, two-year programs in the U.S.


For those who want to go on to earn a four-year degree, Edmonds CC’s Associate in Applied Science in Construction Management – Transfer degree allows graduates to transfer directly into the University of Washington’s bachelor’s degree in construction management program.


Students are able to get ahead by taking construction management courses toward their major in their first two years of college. Students are able to take industry-specific courses – such as estimating and construction management software – sooner, thus they are better prepared when beginning their careers as construction professionals or as transfer students.

Spring quarter starts April 1, and enrollment is open for the following Construction Management programs:

• Construction Project Management Certificate • Building Inspection Certificate • Civil Construction Management and Inspection Certificate • Associate of Technical Arts degree in Construction Management • Associate in Applied Science in Construction Management – Transfer (Direct transfer to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management at UW)




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