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//MAJOR// University of Pacific -School of Engineering and Computer Science


University of the Pacific 太平洋大學

School of Engineering and Computer Science

As one of the leading California engineering and computer schools, Pacific provides a student-centered learning experience through opportunities in research, job experiences and academic support. The SOECS is ranked in the top 20% of all non-doctoral engineering and computer science programs in the country.

Engineering degree offerings

Master of Science in Data Science (MS) – Sacramento Campus

MS in Data Science program equips students with both the technical and hands-on knowledge needed to interpret data and turn into real-world results. Students will also learn how to develop analytical models, extract and cleanse data, develop solutions and utilize modern programming language such as R, Python and D3.

Sample courses include:

Master of Science in Engineering Science (MSES) – Stockton Campus

The MSES degree is designed to strength students’ technical, analytical and professional capabilities by providing fundamental industry knowledge along with an in-depth focus into one area of concentration. All students receiving an MSES degree will complete a set of core courses that covers the broader subjects of research and analysis. After these core classes, sample coursework will depend on your concentration track, but students will take courses such as:

Cooperative Education (CO-OP)

Cooperative Education is an experiential internship program for students of the school of Engineering and Computer Science. CO-OPs are six- to seven-month-long working opportunities for students to gain hands-on engineering and computer science experience along with the soft skills needed to navigate the corporate world. Students are exposed to diverse activities form field work to lab work to office work.

The CO-OP Office has partnered with many industry leaders with:

Boeing, Cisco, Google, Tesla, Toyota, Verizon



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