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//MAJOR// 堪薩斯大學 - 工程學院

Innovative research. State-of-the-art facilities.

Talented and dedicated faculty. Distinguished alumni.

All part of the fabric that makes the University of Kansas School of Engineering experience one of the best a student will have anywhere in the nation, while building the foundation for a successful career.

Engineering Physics 工程物理學

Engineering physics graduates combine an extensive background in physics - the science that underlies much of modern technology - with an engineering mindset. Their broad training and technical breadth provide a unique flexibility for careers.

Bioengineering 生物工程

From cancer treatment and tissue engineering to improved drug delivery and concussion testing, KU’s bioengineering program is helping students to find cures, promote well being, and build healthy communities.

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering 化學與石油工程

#11 Petroleum Engineering Program – U.S. News & World Report, 2018

Creating safer, more environmentally friendly plastics. Enhancing oil recovery techniques. Improving methods for drug delivery. Whatever your passion, a diverse array of options are available to students pursuing a degree in this field, including wide-ranging opportunities in the bioengineering and biomedical fields. KU is the only institution in Kansas that offers a degree in petroleum engineering.

Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering 土木、環境與建築工程

Rads, bridges, buildings, water resources, air quality, and more – these all play an increasingly important role in our lives. Civil, environmental and architectural engineering boasts a vibrant faculty, who are preparing engineers to assume leadership roles in the profession. KU’s instructional and laboratory facilities in areas such as environmental engineering, concrete materials, asphalt, and illumination are world-class.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 電子工程與電腦科學

KU EECS is a nationally recognized leader in cyber security, big data, computer networking, radar, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. As a national leader in cyber security, KU was one of six US institutions selected in 2018 by the National Security Agency to oversee a lablet to secure the Internet of Things.

Engineering Management & Project Management 工程與專案管理

Engineering management is a specialized form of management that is required to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects. The successful engineering manager must have the skills necessary to coach, mentor and motivate technical professionals, which are often different skills from those needed to work with individuals in other fields.

Aerospace Engineering 航太工程

#48 Aerospace Engineering - US News and World Report, 2019

KU Aerospace Engineering is one of the top programs in the world in aircraft and engine design education. Four NASA astronauts earned degrees at KU, including one in the 2017 astronaut class. With an emphasis on designing, simulating, building, testing, and flying aerospace vehicles and systems, aerospace engineering students at KU receive access to unmatched educational opportunities.

Mechanical Engineering機械工程

From award winning race cars and energy efficient vehicle development to advanced spinal implants and an easier path to recovery from knee surgery, mechanical engineering at KU offers a wide variety of opportunities, including robust offerings in bioengineering and biomechanics.

KU’s Engineering graduates have been CEOs at Boeing, Ford, Chrysler, Burns & McDonnell, and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems.



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