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Navitas Community: Online Support Strategies


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In support of the current online teaching need across Navitas, Learning & Teaching (UPA) have created a community space with online teaching resources, tips and tricks as well as forums for everyone to share their latest resources. Navitas Community: Online Support Strategies offers succinct, digestible information and a starting place for teachers who are getting ready to deliver classes online. This community space is for teachers who are looking for how-to resources and strategies for teaching online. It provides opportunities for exploring different technologies that can be used to enhance the learning experience, develop digital teaching skills, new ways of engaging with learners and connecting to an online teaching community.

Explore the Navitas Community: Online Support Strategies for:

  • Teaching resources: Tips on preparing for online facilitation, checklists for teaching online, support with developing an online learning community

  • Curriculum resources: How to design your online courses and assessments

  • Tech tools: How to effectively integrate technologies such as Padlet, Flipgrid, Quizlet, Kahoot! and LearningApps.orgto engage your students in the online classroom

  • Help with H5P: Where to start, how to create content and activities

  • Moodle Tool Guide: Tool guides for Moodle 3.4 and 3.5

  • Teaching with Zoom: Where to start, adding a meeting to your LMS and tips for teaching in Zoom

  • Using learning analytics: How to use data to strategically enhance the design, delivery and overall performance of your online course

  • Webinar recordings: Join live sessions, or watch recordings of previous presentations and discussions on learning and teaching online

  • Teachers Giving Back: See what online teaching strategies Navitas colleagues are applying and share your experience

We look forward to seeing all Navitas staff online in our Navitas Community Online Support Strategies. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to this space by sharing your online teaching experience go straight to the community page or contact the Learning and Teaching team via


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