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Prepare Yourself for 2+2 Transfer Program


Cascadia Community College


Cascadia College is a 2-year, public college (also called “Community College”) in Bothell, a friendly suburban city near Seattle, in Washington, USA. We specialize in preparing students to complete the general education requirements in 2 years and to transfer to 4-year universities and colleges as 3rd year students. We call this program “2+2 Program” or “Academic Transfer Program” and students can earn an Associate’s degree when they finish study at Cascadia. Many international students choose Cascadia because of the strong academic focus, and you can choose from a wide variety of fields of study at Cascadia. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Business, and Humanities are popular majors.

If you would like to improve your English skills before you begin your Transfer Program, you can start by studying at English Language Program where you can solidify your academic English skills. Cascadia also offers High School Completion Program for you if you did not finish your high school in Taiwan.

When you arrive at Cascadia, our friendly staff of International Programs and also Academic Advisors will help you to plan which classes to take at Cascadia and to plan which 4-year universities colleges you may want to apply for your transfer. You can aim to transfer to University of Washington or other excellent universities in Washington. In fact, 50% of our international student graduates transfer to University of Washington every year. The other half of our international students leave Washington and transfer to universities all over the United States. In general, there is no entrance exam to transfer to 4-year universities; therefore, these universities consider your grades you earn at Cascadia are very important to determine the admission to their universities. 4.0 is the perfect grade in the U.S. colleges and universities – you should do your best to earn higher grades, and there is a better chance to get in to your dream universities!

Cascadia uniquely shares its beautiful, safe and modern campus with University of Washington Bothell (UWB), and Cascadia students enjoy the guaranteed admission to UWB’s Business program and our shared facilities such as library, book store, sports field. Our shared campus offer a more personalized learning environment and student services. If you have any questions about Cascadia, please contact Taida International Education Services for more information. We look forward to welcoming you at Cascadia and helping you to transfer to your dream university!


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