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//SCHOOL// 紐西蘭觀光管理學院 New Zealand School of Tourism


New Zealand School of Tourism is New Zealand’s largest private tertiary establishment that specializes in training programs for the hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tourism companies, cruise ships, conferencing, and much more.


Travel and Tourism Management Diploma (Level 5, 2 year) 旅遊觀光管理文憑 (5級)

In year 1 the course start by training students in the many different areas of the industry such as airline, airport, hotel, and more. This will provide students with skills and knowledge to make decisions about which area of the industry interests students the most.

In year 2 the courses will be focused on several tourism companies. This gives students the opportunity to meet management and learn about the operational side of these businesses.

Hotel and Hospitality Management Diploma (Level 5, 32weeks) 飯店及酒店管理文憑 (5級)

If you want a career in hospitality, hotels or resorts, this is the Diploma for you!

This course content includes:

  • The Business of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Food and Beverage Operations

  • The New Zealand Hotel and Hospitality Industry

  • Reception and Housekeeping Services within the Hotel Industry

  • Conference and Events within the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Leadership and Culture

  • Optional Paid Internship for 30 credits or Workplace Practices

  • Produce a Business Plan for a Food and Beverage Operation

Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management (Level 5, 32 weeks) 觀光旅遊管理文憑 (5級)

Our Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management is the most exciting course we offer with modules such as Walt Disney, Marketing, Cruise Ship Tourism, Study tours to Middle Earth and Queenstown, Job Fairs and Internships. You can be sure this course will truly prepare you for a future career in tourism.

Diploma in Tourism and Travel

(Level 6, 1 year) 觀光旅遊文憑 (6級)

Choose this Diploma if you want to forge a leadership role in the Tourism and Travel Management industry and be responsible for the strategy and processes behind the visitor experience. This course content includes:

  • The Tourism and Travel Industry

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Communication and Marketing

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Māori Tourism

  • Sales and Distribution in Tourism

  • Design a Tourism Business

  • Internship or Introduction to Research

  • Applied Business Strategic Systems

  • Optional Paid Internship for 30 credits or Workplace Practices

Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (Level 6, 1 year) 飯店及酒店管理文憑 (6級)

Choose this Diploma if you want to forge a career in management within hospitality, hotels or resorts. This course content includes

  • The Hotel and Hospitality Industry

  • Communication and Marketing

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Creating the Customer Experience

  • Financial Management

  • Rooms Division Management

  • Design a Hospitality Business

  • Internship or The Hospitality Workplace

  • Introduction to Research

  • Optional Paid Internship for 30 credits or Workplace Practices

Certificate in International Flight Attending (Level 4, 14 weeks)

國際空服證照 (4級)

This course is a Flight Attendant Training Program for those interested in a career as a flight attendant. The training you will receive will give you an in-depth understanding of the role and prepare you to apply to airlines. This is the most comprehensive flight attendant training course available in Australasia. Some of your training will take place at our airport campus - NZ’s best flight attendant training facility.

Tourism, Airline and Flight Attending (Level 4, 16 or 20 weeks) 觀光與航空及空服課程(4級)

The tourism industry offers a variety of roles including flight attending and roles with an airline or at the airport. A career as a flight attendant however, can take you all over the world. The role will involve you being part of a team and ensuring the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew while delivering excellent customer service. This program is aimed at those who want a career in tourism, with an airline or as a flight attendant.

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management (Level 7, 3 year)

國際觀光與飯店管理學位 (7級)

Choose our Bachelor Degree if you want to truly immerse yourself in the Tourism Industry. You’ll work with the industry throughout your learning, be part of internships and projects and experience entrepreneurial activities to boost your business skills.



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