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Cut Above Academy has been giving students the edge they need to become hairstylists, barbers, makeup and prosthetic makeup artists of the future for more than forty years. Cut Above is here to make graduates industry-ready so they can step up and perform at the top of their game.

Cut Above Academy is a Category 1 Provider, the highest rating a School can be awarded by the Government, and Cut Above Academy is part of the New Zealand School of Tourism. When you enroll with Cut Above Academy, your enrollment is with New Zealand School of Tourism Ltd.

Hair Courses

Hair & Makeup Career Pathway (Level 2) 美髮彩妝先修(2級)

Complete this course with us and, head off for a job after your course or even better - stay on and study with us in Hairdressing, Barbering, Special Effects Makeup and more. NCEA Level 2 is a real advantage when looking for work and training opportunities.

Hairdressing Essentials (Level 3) 基礎美髮 (3級)

Hairdressing Emerging Stylist (Level 4) 新興美髮設計師 (4級)

Training for hairdressers begins with the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing Salon Support (Level 3) which takes students from complete novice to technical level, capable of earning your place in a successful salon – or qualifying for entry to the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Level 4).

Barbering Essentials (Level 3)

紳士理髮 (3級)

The revival of barbering means great opportunities for graduates! Our dynamic program combines the classic barbering skills of clipper, scissor, and razor cutting with street savvy taper fades, line-outs, cut-throat shaving and current color trends.

Master Stylist Collection (Level 3&4) 專業美髮設計師系列課程

In just two years students will go from total novice to an industry qualified stylist, with extensive experience working on real clients. The course content includes Hairdressing Essentials Level 3 and Hairdressing Emerging Stylists Level 4.

Makeup Courses

Makeup Essentials (Level 3) 基礎彩妝 (3級)

Start your career as a Makeup Artist! This 16 Week course will provide students with all the skills and technical know-how to assess a client’s skin and apply a range of makeup looks. Students will graduate prepared for a job with a top cosmetic house, to work as an entry level makeup artist or with the skills to pathway into Level 4 Certificate.

Professional Makeup Artistry for Fashion, Film and Media (Level 4)

時尚電影及媒體專業彩妝師 (4級)

In this course, students will get the opportunity to work on a range of theatre productions and fashion shows, practicing all the different looks you’ll be mastering. Students will also learn workplace and small business practice skills. Plus students will gain extra skills in hairstyling, beauty and how to market yourself as an all-rounder.

Diploma in Special FX & Prosthetic Makeup Artistry (Level 5)特殊化妝文憑(5級)

Completion of this intensive training program will provide students with the skills they need to excel as a freelance makeup artist for catwalk, studio, advertising, film and television. Students will have the added advantage of model-making and prosthetics production and application which will give them a competitive edge in the production workplace.

Runway Collection (Level 3&4) 伸展台彩妝系列課程

This is the perfect option if students want to become a professional Makeup Artist, with supporting skills in hairdressing to make students more valuable in the industry. This course content includes Makeup Essential Level 3 and Professional Makeup Artistry for fashion, film and media Level 4.

Cosmetic Effects Collection (Level 4&5)

Work in stage and screen! Over two years students will progress from focusing on a broad base of MUA techniques to then honing their skills learning the magic of SFX makeup. This course content includes Professional Makeup Artistry for fashion, film and media Level 4 and Diploma in Special FX & Prosthetic Makeup Artistry Level 5.

Complete Collection (Level 3, 4&5) 彩妝系列完整課程

The ultimate in professional makeup artistry training, taking students from complete beginner to a graduate qualified to work in all aspects of the professional makeup artistry industry, including prosthetic and SFX makeup. This course content includes Makeup Essentials Level 3, Professional Makeup Artistry for Fashion, Film and Media Level 4 and Diploma in Special FX & Prosthetic Makeup Artistry Level 5.


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