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//SCHOOL// 電影學院 South Sea Film & Television School


South Seas為紐西蘭領先的專業院校,提供電影、電視和創意媒體行業以及相關實踐培訓課程。所有課程都在奧克蘭北岸的工作室授課,使用行業相關設施技術,同時擁有行業經驗豐富的師資。目標是確保學生獲得實踐培訓經驗,從而進入相關行業工作,發展成功的創意事業。

迄今為止,已有2300多名畢業生進入廣泛部門工作,從紐西蘭製作的著名電影如《魔戒》、《阿凡達》和《哈比人》等,到為BBC、CNN和Al Jazeera等電視台,以及在超過35個國家的製作公司工作。

Diploma in Screen Production Level 5

Duration: 39 weeks

One year is a short time and your schedule will be tight. Be prepared for some deep-end, immersive learning-through-action. Over the course of the year, you will participate in over 30 productions, while being closely tutored by industry professionals.

Diploma in On Screen Acting Level 5

Duration: 39 weeks

This course delivers an understanding and working knowledge of the professional practices of television and film production and prepares students for employment in acting roles in the film and television industry, as well as establishing contracts with professional agents.

Diploma in Photography Level 6

Duration: 43 weeks

This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and aesthetic appreciation necessary for a successful career in photography. South Seas prepares you for the industry, majoring in Photojournalism, Commercial photography or Creative Art photography.



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