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//SCHOOL// University of Washington, Bothell

The University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell) is a four-year undergraduate and graduate campus in northeast King County, one of the three campuses of the public University of Washington. UW Bothell shares a campus with Cascadia College.

With nearly 6,000 students and 55 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the University of Washington Bothell has a reputation for access to excellence and a leading-edge educational experience. The graduates are ready to change Washington and the World.

In 2014 and 2015, Money Magazine ranked UW Bothell as the best university in Washington state in terms of value and quality. In the same study, UW Bothell ranked 10th nationally among public universities and 36th overall.


UW Bothell currently offers 40 bachelor’s and master’s degree in five schools:

  • Business

  • Interdisciplinary Art and Sciences

  • Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

  • Educational Studies

  • Nursing and Health Studies

Classes are offered day and evening for full or part-time students.


How to get in the University of Washington Bothell, instead of the direct entry, you can choose the 2+2 Transfer Program, which is also a highlight for study with Cascadia College.

2+2 Transfer Program

Cascadia College located in the University of Washington Bothell Campus, thus it has the largest library in the American Community Colleges.

To apply the 2+2 Transfer Program, which also called the University Transfer Program, the students can apply for transfer to a four-year university after a two-year associate degree at Cascadia College, and continue their two-year course.

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