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About YOOBEE School of Design

YOOBEE is a creative community. Its members share a passion for digital technology and cutting edge creativity.

YOOBEE programs embrace new and emerging technologies and the latest media platforms, with pathways from certificates and diplomas through to degrees with some of our partner schools.

From Digital Media and Design, Web Design and UX and 3D Animation, to Filmmaking, Game Art and Development and 3D Graphics, our programs keep you plugged in to industry advances, and on top of your game.

Delivering full time, part time and online programs, YOOBEE opens doors to the best digital and design studios in the world

Programmes in YOOBEE

Certificate in Creative Media(Level 4)


If you’re passionate about all things digital but you’re still wanting to work out which creative course will lead to your dream career, YOOBEE’s Level 4 Certificate in Creative Media is the course for you!

Diploma in Digital Design – Web and Graphic Design(Level 5)


In this course you will have a taste of all the major components of graphic design and web development. Plus, you’ll cut your teeth on some insanely cool projects that will not only build your skills, but also begin your portfolio.

Diploma in Digital Design – Animation and Film Production(Level 5)


This engaging 40-week program will give you a solid overview of animation and film production, and teach you the technical skills necessary to master your craft.

Diploma in Creative Digital Design(Level 6)


This course will teach you how to combine creative and digital skills to create work that is compelling, persuasive and powerful. You will learn all about typography and layout, as well as how to capture and manipulate images.

Diploma of Digital Media(Advanced) (Level 7)


This is where you can innovate, experiment, and develop your technical, research and presentation skills, and really let your creativity take flight. This hands-on visual communications program will help you take the next step in your digital design career.

Diploma in 3D Production(Level 6)


This diploma gives you the skills you need to turn your creative concepts into compelling images, capturing the essence of movement to bring characters and scenes to life.

Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics(Level 7)


The diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics allows you to specialize in 3D graphics, creating a showreel that demonstrates your skills to employers. In this competitive industry, it’s skills rather than qualifications that get your work and a solid showreel is proof of your creative talent and technical skill.

Diploma in Web and UX Design(Level 6)


Learn how to apply the principles of visual design and master the scripting languages that support client-sided development. By encouraging creativity and teaching the essentials of web programming and design, this program will set you on the path to a brilliant career in online media. You’ll finish with a comprehensive knowledge base and an online portfolio to showcase your new skills.

Diploma in Screen Production(Level 6)

Immerse yourself in the full screen production process and create amazing video content! From pre-production right through to production and post-production, the Diploma in Screen Production will give you the industry-relevant tools to create your own short film or passion project from scratch.

Diploma in Game Art and Development(Level 7)


Bring your virtual world to life with this epic two-year program – learn how to create phenomenal video games from scratch, collaborate in teams in a studio-style setting, develop your graphical style, and express your fresh ideas and spectacular stories through games.

Bachelor of Animation (with optional honours) (Level 7)


Want to work with the best, and be the best? Our Bachelor of Animation is the ultimate training ground. It’s New Zealand’s only degree level course specialising in 2D and 3D character animation, and it produces world-class animators who are at the very top of their field. If you want to reach your full potential as an animator, there’s no better pathway.

New Program to YOOBEE in 2019

Certificate in makeup artistry(LEVEL 4)

The Certificate in Makeup Artistry offers extensive, hands-on learning of a range of techniques in all areas of makeup including: beauty, high fashion and photographic, theater, television, film and special effects makeup. If you are looking for an all-encompassing makeup program, then this is the program for you.

Certificate in Fashion(LEVEL 4&5)

Our passionate and professional tutors will train you in a creative environment in a wide set of fashion skills and knowledge.

At the end of this 20 week course you’ll be able to work in areas such as design, styling, visual merchandising, pattern-making and basic garment construction, or you’ll be primed to start our Diploma in Fashion (Level 5).



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