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Study Abroad in Cape Town: 5 Things You Should Know

Resource from LAL Language Centres - Cape Town

Did you know that Cape Town was chosen the greatest city in the world by the Telegraph readers? This destination gives you access to the mountains and ocean as well as a lot of cultural diversity. 

Learn English in Cape Town, one of the world’s mostvibrant and breath-takinglocations. Cape Town is the must-see destination south of the equator with the unmistakable Table Mountain as a backdrop. Moreover, the cost of living won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Get ready forunbelievable wildlife experiences!

Join our school of English in Cape Town

Thanks to LAL you can learn English in this wonderful place! Before you come to study abroad in Cape Town, we would like you to know 5 things:

1. It’s Safe to Travel to Cape Town

Many people think that Cape Town is a dangerous place. Nevertheless, countless tourists come to the Mother City every year and have the time of their life. 

In Cape Town, like in any other big city, you simply must be aware of where you’re going to avoid unnecessary problems and issues. It’s natural that you don’t know what’s safe to do and what isn’t in a new place. That’s why you should chat to locals about it, for instance, to the friendly LAL staff and teachers.

2. You Can Volunteer There

Many students come to Cape Town to study abroad and learn English. Not all of them know that it’s possible to combine a language course with volunteering, though.  LAL offers a number of programmes for those interested in volunteering aimed at helping people as well as these students who would prefer to work with animals. Check out these programmes to see, whether it’s something you would be interested in: 

3. Cape Town Is Beautiful

Cape Town is an absolutely gorgeous city. There’s a lot of diversity in terms of culture and architecture. Each area is different and unique: starting with the vibey city centre, through beach front areas to picturesque suburbs and townships full of life. 

Cape Town is much more than just its urban landscape, though. Tourists love it also because of its natural beauty. After you’re done with classes, you can spend the rest of the day on the beach! That’s cool but there’s more – when you feel like you want to be active, you can opt for an afternoon hike instead. What other destination can offer you so much?

4. It’s a Perfect Place for Active People

We’ve already mentioned hiking as one of sport activities you can enjoy while studying abroad in Cape Town. Other popular active pastimes there are water sportssuch as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many people jog and run as well as participate in organised races, cycling competitions and the mixture of the two. 

There’s also a number of more adventurous sport activities. You can have unforgettable underwater experiences such as snorkelling with the seals and scuba diving. Can you believe it, if I tell you that these are among the least exciting ones?

5. LAL Cape Town Has a Perfect Location

You’re probably pretty excited at the thought of studying abroad in Cape Town already, after all you’ve read about this amazing place. There’s even more good news for you. LAL Cape Town has just the perfect location to help you enjoy the best of this wonderful city.

  Situated just a stone’s throw away from the beach, in the modern area called Sea Point, the LAL school gives you access to all amenities. There’s a bus stop right in front of the school’s building too!

First of all, our school of English in Cape Town is located in the trendy and vibrant suburb of Sea Point, only a few minutes from the promenade, where you can walk, jog, cycle or just sit and enjoy one of the many glorious sunsets shimmering across the ocean.

Equally important, the famous Victoria and Albert Waterfront is a classic area where the city meets the sea. With its cosmopolitan range of cultural and historic hubs, it also offers a multitude of leisure opportunities. Learn English in Cape Town and shop till you drop, eat like a king and book those once-in-a-lifetime South African experiences. There is nowhere quite like Cape Town. Everyone who visits always returns!

Our school of English in Cape Town simply could not be in a better location. Everything you need is on your doorstep! You can be on top of a mountain, lying on a beach or just chilling in a bar within minutes. It’s a place where cultures come together and you can be part of that.

Additionally, LAL Cape Town occupies a beautiful heritage building, offering a real all-in-one campus setting – eat, sleep, socialise and learn English in Cape Town, all under one roof. With all the facilities you need, there’s no school in Cape Town like ours. We also offer English courses in Cape Town for Young Learners. Join us and live the dream!


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