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The Best Apps for College Students 2020 - PART 2


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Campus resources and staff can help you adjust to college life, but these apps for college students in 2020 can provide extra support.

Meditation apps and mindfulness apps


Happify, a mindfulness app, works by giving you a simple quiz to figure out your stress level and how you feel about life. Then, it selects meditations and mindfulness activities that can help you feel better. 


Headspace offers a free two-week course on the basics of meditation and mindfulness. Each day, this mindfulness app sends a new meditation exercise to help you stay focused. If you like the app, you can set up a yearly subscription.

Stop, Breathe & Think

The name of this mindfulness app tells you exactly what it does. Check in with the app every day and it will prompt you to stop, breathe, and thinkthrough your situation. It also provides sticker rewards and scoreboards so you can see your progress in real time.


Communication apps


It is always nice to see a friendly face. Stay in touch with friends and family in your home country, or connect with new friends on Skype. This communication app lets you video chat with one person or your entire study group. It is available for almost any device, so you have no excuse not to call your parents more often.


Slack lets you instant message with one person or a whole team, so it can be a really useful communication app for coordinating group projects or study group sessions. You can also share files and set up subgroups for different topics. 


With the Viber communication app, you can call and send text messages to anyone, anywhere, for free. You can connect through audio, video, text or in a group chat.  Or, for a fee, you can call landlines and non-Viber numbers. This communication app also supports private groups with unlimited members. Set one up for the people in your dorm or everyone in your Psychology 101 class. 

These apps for college students can help you feel more organized, connected, and focused, but remember: they are meant to add to your classes and other activities, not replace real people and real-world interactions. When you have a question or need some help, start by asking a person, like a professor, teaching assistant, or Shorelight advisor. The goal is to use your favorite apps as tools to make your college experience even better. 

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