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The future of accountancy and finance in a COVID ready world

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We look at the impact of the pandemic on recruitment in the Accountancy and Finance sector, from virtual interviews to the competition for new talent.

In this week's episode of our Learn Better Podcast host, Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning at Kaplan, looks at the future of Accountancy and Finance careers and recruitment.

Our guest is Caroline King, Director of permanent talent solutions at Robert half, a specialist talent solutions consultancy. With 7 years experience changing finance professionals' lives by getting them their dream jobs, she shares her top tips when entering accountancy and finance careers.

With the increase of virtual communication and hybrid working, Caroline explains how to make the most out of office days and building relationships with senior colleagues.

“That sort of networking in the office: catching someone at the coffee machine… getting the opportunity to pick someone’s brains on something - that’s what I would encourage people to be doing when they are in the office.”

- Caroline King

Key topics

How the pandemic changed the recruitment of finance professionals

With lockdowns forcing companies to adopt more technology and push employees to engage through a virtual world, we have seen a lot of changes in recruitment processes.

One of these main changes is the shift from interviewing in person to interviewing via video call. Although we have now been able to physically return to offices, there’s now been a shift to first interviews being online, followed by face to face interviews at the next stages.

This has provided more flexibility in the timing of interviews and allowed companies to open up their candidate pool to people willing to move around the country.

The state of the job market

With a serious shortage of talent in financial services, businesses who are hiring are having to be competitive with salaries, flexibility and hybrid working.

One of a candidate's top priorities has now moved to a work life balance and flexibility. The pandemic changed people's perception of what they want out of life, so there has been a big shift of people moving out of London, or even the country, back to their families.

This has highlighted the stronger need for remote working to allow companies to retain staff and support more parents to keep their full time career whilst also being able to be an active parent.

Top tips for interviewing well

Caroline stresses the importance of researching a business ahead of an interview, and not just quickly reading the companies about us page, but taking the time to take a deep dive into the company and its history.

This will help you to ask tangible questions around the business, proving that you have done your research and actively understand who the company is and what they do.

She also recommends that you should share why you are excited to work for a company like them. This can lead to you pulling out features of your CV which mirrors their values and the job description.

“The preparation is almost a social courtesy.”

- Stuart Pedley Smith

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