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美國華盛頓大學 University of Washington

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The University of Washington (UW) is a public research university located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Founded in 1861, it is one of the first universities on the West Coast of the United States and the largest university in the Northwest Of the United States, known as the public Ivy League. Ranked No. 7 in the world on the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Global Universities rankings, the UW educates more than 54,000 students annually. They turn ideas into impact and transform lives and our world.

華盛頓大學(縮寫為UW),創建於1861年,是一所位於美國華盛頓州西雅圖的公立研究型大學,是美國西岸設立最早的大學之一,也是美國西北部最大的大學,被譽為公立常春藤。科系排名全美前10名包括臨床醫學、醫學研究、護理、電腦科學、資訊管理、圖書館管理、生物工程、公共事務、公共衛生、床心理學、社會學、教育學等眾多學科。華盛頓大學在《U.S News》的全球最佳大學排名中位列世界第 7,每年教育超過 54,000 名學生。他們將想法轉化為影響並改變生活和我們的世界。

The UW is a multi-campus university in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell, as well as a world-class academic medical center. The UW’s colleges and schools offer 1,800 undergraduate courses each quarter. They confer more than 12,000 bachelor’s, ssional degrees annually.

華盛頓大學共有三個校區: Seattle(西雅圖主校區) 、Bothell(巴薩爾)、Tacoma(塔科馬),也是世界一流的學術醫學中心。華盛頓大學的學院和學校每季度提供 1,800 門本科課程。每年授予超過 12,000 個學士、碩士、博士和專業學位。

學院和學校 Colleges and schools

*Business School

*College of Education

*College of Arts and Sciences

*Continuing Studies

*College of Engineering

*College of Forest Resources

*College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences

*College of Architecture and Urban Planning

*Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs

*Information School

*School of Law

*School of Medicine

*School of Dentistry

*School of Nursing

*School of Pharmacy

*School of Social Work

*School of Public Health and Community Medicine


Red Square, officially Central Plaza, is a large open square on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington that serves as a hub for two of the University's major axes, connecting the campus's northern Liberal Arts Quadrangle ("The Quad") with the science and engineering buildings found on the lower campus. The plaza is paved with red brick and becomes notoriously slippery during rain.

紅色廣場,正式名稱為中央廣場,是華盛頓大學西雅圖校區的一個大型開放廣場,是大學兩個主軸的樞紐,連接校園北部的文科四邊形(“四邊形”)與科學和在較低校區發現的工程建築。 廣場是用紅磚鋪成的,下雨時會變得很滑。

Built in 1895, Denny Hall is the UW’s oldest building; it was the campus’s first when the University relocated from downtown Seattle to its current location. Originally called the Administration Building, Denny used to be the only building on campus — it was where all the action happened, housing all the labs, classrooms, offices and other University activities. Denny Hall was renovated in 2016 to increase natural lighting in the building and give it modern amenities.

Denny Hall 建於 1895 年,是 UW 最古老的建築。 這是大學從西雅圖市中心遷至現址時的第一個校園。最初被稱為行政大樓,丹尼曾經是校園裡唯一的建築,它是舉辦所有活動的地方,所有的實驗室、教室、辦公室和其他大學活動。 Denny Hall 於 2016 年進行了翻新,以增加建築物的自然採光並為其提供現代化設施。

Formally known as the Liberal Arts Quadrangle, the Quad is one of the most photogenic areas of campus. One of its primary draws is its collection of 30 Yoshino cherry trees, which were rescued from a construction project in 1962. Their stunning pink blooms, which emerge toward the end of March, attract visitors from around the world. Even when the trees have finished blooming, the Quad remains a favorite go-to area to spend time outdoors, as students picnic, play games, read or relax in the sun.

正式稱為藝術四邊形,四邊形是校園最上鏡的區域之一。它的主要吸引力之一是它收集了 30 棵吉野櫻花樹,這些樹是 1962 年從一個建築項目中救出的。它們令人驚嘆的粉紅色花朵在 3 月底出現,吸引了來自世界各地的遊客。即使樹木已經開花,Quad 仍然是學生們在戶外野餐、玩遊戲、閱讀或在陽光下放鬆時最喜歡去的地方。

The UW is home to 8,000 international students representing more than 100 countries. International students, along with domestic students', work with Undergraduate Advisers to explore and plan for majors as well as other opportunities that are designed to develop and expand, skills, talents, knowledge, and abilities throughout a student's undergraduate degree.

UW 擁有來自 100 多個國家的 8,000 名國際學生。 國際學生與國內學生一起與本科生顧問探索和規劃專業以及其他旨在發展和擴展學生本科學位的技能、才能、知識和能力的機會。

International students Application fee: $90

The application fee is nonrefundable and must be submitted each time you apply for admission. It cannot be transferred to another quarter, to another campus of the UW or to another student.

國際新生(申請費用: $90)


考試成績要求 Test score requirement

Minimum score required: TOEFL(iBT) 76/ IELTS 6.0/ Duolingo (DET) 105

Recommended score: TOEFL(iBT) 92 or higher/ IELTS 7.0 or higher/ Duolingo (DET) 120 or higher



* The TOEFL iBT special home edition and the IELTS Indicator at home exam will also be accepted for 2022 international freshman applicants.

西雅圖天氣 Seattle weather

Despite its rainy reputation, Seattle averages just 37.5 inches of rain a year — less than Miami. Drizzles are more likely than downpours, so umbrellas are less common than the all-important rain jacket.

Typically, temperate winters — from November through March, the average is 47 degrees — encourage wearing layers that can be shed as chilly mornings turn into warmer afternoons. On the rare occasions snow falls (in inches rather than feet), Seattleites bust out their sleds and cross-country skis to revel on closed streets.

Seattle summers really shine: June through August, the average temp is 71 degrees, with maybe a week or two of over-80 weather (usually in July). The moderate heat and dry, blue-sky days make the area a paradise for hikers, campers, kayakers, cyclists and other lovers of the outdoors.

儘管西雅圖享有雨的名聲,但每年的平均降雨量僅為37.5 英寸,低於邁阿密。毛毛雨比傾盆大雨更容易發生,所以雨傘不如最重要的雨衣那麼常見。

通常情況下,溫和的冬天從11月到3月,平均氣溫為47 °F,建議穿著可以在寒冷的早晨變成溫暖的下午時脫落的外套。在極少數情況下下雪(以英寸而非英尺為單位),西雅圖人拿出他們的雪橇和越野滑雪板在封閉的街道上狂歡。

西雅圖的夏天天氣非常好:6月到8月,平均溫度為71°F,可能有一兩週超過 80 °F的天氣(通常在七月)。溫和的高溫和乾燥的藍天使該地區成為徒步旅行者、露營者、皮划艇運動員、騎自行車者和其他戶外愛好者們的天堂。

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