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# Eva Wang - Food x Coffee x Travel

As a true Virgo, I have a plan for everything, and would panic if things start to get off track. The traditional path of a dietitian is either being in a clinical setting or food services, and like most people, I am planning to become a clinical dietitian. In the beginning of the second year of my undergraduate life, I started a blog to simply document the restaurants that I have been in Montreal with my family. I also realized that there were no any English-oriented blogs that talk about places to eat or see in Kaohsiung, so I used it as a platform to introduce places of my hometown with English-speaking readers. Little did I know, I was able to update it periodically, and eventually owning a domain,

I am not very used to putting myself in front of the camera, I can never forget the moment when someone recognized me just by associating my name with taking photos before I start the meal. That was the first time I realized how powerful internet and social media can be. People scrutinize your profile and pick out the traits that you might not even intended on delivering. It was also the first time that I had the idea of combining nutrition and media together.

As a believer of “a photo worth a thousand word”, the effect of visuals comes before the words. Images online catches people’s attention first, and it is the indicator of whether the person would click to read the article or not. It was also the time when Instagram starts to bloom. For every beginner, we learn by imitation at first. Nowadays, I get questions like “How did you learn about photography?”, “What camera and/or lens do you use?”. There is no short cut! Thanks to technology, digital camera makes practicing more affordable

than film. Observe the style of your favorite photographer, try to put yourself in their shoes while looking at the photo, and analyze how you would do it. It might sound quite abstract, but once you run the steps in your head, it will make the process a lot more efficient.

Once a lady asked me,

“Why did you start with doing social media?”

My answer was,

“It is the fastest way to deliver message nowadays”

The moment you upload the content on your social media platform, it is available instantly for the viewers. Thus, it is important to find your niche and define your audience in the beginning, whether it’s food, fashion, technology, lifestyle…etc. Moreover, make sure each post has a central idea, and always engage your audiences. It is not about how often you make a post, but that what you have to say is worth reading to. That being said, it is also my responsibility to ensure the information I put out there is valid, because there are quite a lot of self-claimed influencers or KOLs’ (Key Opinion Leader) put quantity (as in the number of posts) over quality first. There are a lot of nutrition news or various diets available online, but whether the source is credible or not is another question. It is hard to gain one’s trust, but easy to lose it, hence it is important to know what kind of the content you would like to create. When you have the power to decide, use it correctly, and do not abuse it.

In conclusion, being a content creator can enhance one’s career. Nowadays, almost everyone uses at least one type of social media. It is a very accessible platform to obtain new messages and influences others. How influential a person is isn’t determined by the number of followers that one’s have. The main priority is to build trust within your community and nurture the relationship with the people who are already showing support!


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