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【波蘭】Uninsured foreigners eligible for coronavirus tests - Nat Health Fund

The National Health Fund (NFZ) announced that all individuals currently living in Poland are eligible for health services aimed at combating the COVID-19 outbreak, including testing and access to medication.

These rules also apply to people who do not hold Polish citizenship or do not have health insurance. In the case of people who do not have health insurance, the cost of testing and potential medical care will be covered by the state. The NFZ emphasised that non-nationals who may be infected with coronavirus, who are diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease, or who came in contact with infected individuals, are also subject to hospitalisation, medical tests, home isolation, quarantine and epidemiological supervision. Furthermore, the NFZ pointed out that any foreigners currently staying in Poland, who are insured in EU or EFTA countries, are entitled to health services provided by medical units that have signed agreements with the NFZ. The scope depends on the nature of their stay and the type of the ID document a person holds.


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